Say goodbye to ear wax build up!

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Itching, painful ears, hearing loss, ringing in the ears or muffled sounds could be a sign of ear wax build-up.1

What is wax?

Cerumen (ear wax) is formed naturally by the body. However ear wax that is not causing symptoms or blocking the ear canal should be left alone.1, 2

Why do we need wax?

Ear wax is important as it cleans, protects and lubricates the ear canal.1

What happens when there is too much ear wax?

Although ear wax has an important function, it can become impacted (dry, hard wax that is difficult to remove), resulting in ear wax blocking the ear.1, 2


  • Completely and quickly disintegrates ear wax when used for two consecutive nights.3, 4
  • Works in 15 minutes while you sleep.3, 4
Available without a prescription.
Available at your nearest pharmacy.

Treat ear wax build up with the 3 way action of WAXSOL®

Waxsol - timer icon - Works fast within 15 Minutes

Softens the
ear wax.5,6
Waxsol - sleeping moon icon - Short treatment course - 2 Nights

Rapidly penetrates &
breaks the surface tension
of impacted ear wax. 3,4
Waxsol - evaporate icon - Complete Disintegration of Ear Wax

Disintegrates and
dissolves ear wax.4
  • WAXSOL® is an effective water-based solution used to treat the build-up of ear wax.
  • With the convenience of just two applications of 10 drops over two consecutive nights for effective removal.

WAXSOL® is South Africa’s #1 ear wax removal solution.3, 4, 7

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Symptoms of ear wax build up

If you suffer from:1, 2

  • Hearing loss
  • Ear pain & discomfort
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Muffled sounds
  • Dizziness & vertigo

You could have a build-up of ear wax.1, 2

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How to use Waxsol®

  • Tilt the head and fill the ear canal with WAXSOL® (usually 10 drops) on two consecutive nights.
  • Plug the ear with cotton wool, leaving in the ear overnight.
  • After two nights, if the wax is still blocking the ear, consult your doctor or nurse to have your ear syringed.

Not to be used for perforated ear drums or ear infections.


WAXSOL® Ear Drops contain Docusate Sodium 0.5%