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Agiolax® is a natural
solution for constipation.

Constipation occurs when bowel movements become less frequent and stools become difficult to pass. It happens most often due to changes in diet or routine, or due to inadequate intake of fibre.1

Constipation increases with age and is prevalent in women.1

Pregnancy is another common cause of constipation. The reason may be partly mechanical, in that the pressure of the heavy womb compresses the intestine, and may be partly due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.2

In South Africa constipation affects nearly a third of the population. It is the most common gastrointestinal complaint in South Africa, resulting in up to 76.6 % of the general population needing to use laxatives.3

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Constipation1, 4, 5
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Restores Normal
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How does Agiolax® help you?

Agiolax® Laxative Granules contain 3 natural ingredients: Senna, Ispaghula husk and Plantago Ovata for the effective yet gentle relief of constipation.1, 4, 5

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Agiolax® provides overnight relief from constipation.6

  • When taken at night, it provides relief the next morning6
  • The 3 in 1 combination of natural active ingredients in Agiolax® helps to normalise bowel movement1, 4, 5
  • Agiolax® can be used during the first 3 months of pregnancy only if constipation cannot be remedied by a change in diet or with the aid of bulking agents. It should only be used after consultation with a medical practitioner

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Agiolax® can be
used in the first
3 months of

(after consultation with a medical practitioner)

Benefits of Agiolax®

  • Agiolax® contains a unique 3 in 1 combination of Senna which is a mild stimulant with Ispaghula and Plantago Ovata which are natural fibres, this combination softens and bulks the stool
  • The natural fibres in Agiolax® help the body to facilitate stool movement naturally
  • Agiolax® is more effective than products with fibre alone in the treatment of constipation.4
  • Agiolax® Laxative Granules are scientifically formulated to dissolve slowly in the colon allowing for gentle relief of constipation. Contains a combination of natural ingredients which help the body facilitate stool movement, naturally.6


  • Ispaghula husk 0,11 g
  • Seeds of Plantago Ovata 2,60 g
  • Tinnevelly senna pods 0,34 g – 0,66 g
    (corresponds to 15 mg sennoside B)

How to take Agiolax®

Agiolax® a natural solution for constipation:

  • 1 – 2 heaped teaspoons of granules or ½ - 1 sachet (5-10 g)
  • Swallow granules whole with a full glass of liquid
  • To be taken after the evening meal and can be repeated before breakfast

Agiolax® is available as:

10 g Sachets for your convenience, small single doses for people on the go!

Containers of 100 g, 250 g, 400 g, 1000 g – Perfect for home or office