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Pyralvex® - For targeted relief from pain and inflammation of the mouth and gums

What causes mouth ulcers?2,3

  • Women may develop mouth ulcers during times of hormonal change such as during their menstrual cycle or pregnancy
  • Damage caused by tooth brushing, or where you’ve had a local anaesthetic injection and dental treatment
  • Medication, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs)
  • Some foods such as chocolate, coffee, peanuts, cereals, almonds, strawberries, cheese, tomatoes, and wheat flour (containing gluten)
  • Anaemia or a lack of vitamins B1, B2, and/or B6
  • Stress may play a role in the development of mouth ulcers
  • Family history, as some families get mouth ulcers more often
  • Viral and bacterial infections
  • Smoking

Mouth ulcers can occur in any part of the mouth (such as the cheeks, lips or tongue). They are usually round or oval sores and are painful.4, 5 They cause redness, a burning sensation and/or pain.4 Although uncomfortable, they are usually harmless and clear up by themselves within a week or two.5

Available without a prescription.
Ask your pharmacist for Pyralvex®.
Pyralvex - head with pain icon - Analgesic: Provides pain relief

Provides pain relief1
Pyralvex - inflamation icon - Anti-inflammatory: Reduces pain and swelling

Reduces pain
and swelling1
Pyralvex - plus icon - Antiseptic: Prevents infection

Prevents infection1

Pyralvex® solution is used to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by mouth ulcers and denture irritation and has antimicrobial properties that help prevent the irritated areas from getting infected.

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Don’t let mouth ulcers take
away your smile

Use the Pyralvex® brush for easy, targeted application to the ulcer.

Pyralvex®, the 3-in-1 solution:

  • Analgesic: provides pain relief1
  • Anti-inflammatory: reduces pain and swelling1
  • Antiseptic: prevents infections1

Suitable for adults and children older than 12 years old.

Pyralvex - mouth ulcer with bursh treatment
Suitable for adults
and children
older than
12 years

How to use Pyralvex®

  • Apply to the affected area 3 to 4 times a day using the brush provided
  • Avoid rinsing your mouth, eating or drinking immediately after use
  • Do not use for longer than 14 days
  • Dentures must be removed before application


Each 1 ml of solution contains

  • 50 mg Rhubarb extract
  • 10 mg Salicylic Acid